By now, you're probably wondering what all the noise is about. After all, a slick brand and a mediocre showreel isn't everything.

This company isn’t called ‘champion’ because it thinks it’s hot stuff. Sure, it’d be nice to be thought of as that, but it’s not what the name intends to claim. The true narrative behind the title Champion Media is in the greater attempt to champion positive change in our communities, and in New Zealand as a whole.

In short, the purpose of Champion Media is to enable companies to have stories told in creative and entertaining ways through carefully crafted and responsibly produced video content; while doing exactly the same for organisations that are working hard towards a better tomorrow. To find out more about this company's values, please head over to The CM Standard.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, this company is primarily geared towards video production, but also has experience in the fields of photography, visual effects and graphic design, and is prepared to service any location. Champion Media is a young company, but its intentions are true. Founded in 2019 by Joe Canham, CM is connected in the industry and can certainly grow and shrink according to each job's needs.

Champion Media looks forward to hearing from you. Contact