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Whether managing terabytes of footage on location for an airline safety video, shooting social media content for a youth development programme, or taking photographs of natural wonders in the Arctic, Joe strives for the same high standard of work no matter where he is or who he's working for.


A video editor on paper (and everything else in real life), Joe is a certifiable one stop shop when it comes to producing video content. As the founder and current sole operator of this company, Joe is absolutely confident in his abilities, and the breadth of his experience backs this up.

Joe's initial years in the film industry were spent working for a production company whose values were placed above the pursuit of profit. It was there he learned that companies in the realm of advertising and promotional content have a responsibility to know right from wrong, and running a communications company is an ideal environment for collaborating with others who are on a mission to make the world a better place. Joe is a keen advocate for anything that shows promise from a sustainability perspective, and that is the driver behind this company's values.


In late 2018, Joe decided that he wanted to start a company that could make a positive difference in New Zealand through helping promote sustainability groups, green tech developments and other initiatives that champion positive change for New Zealanders, all the while working towards a high standard of service and always having a well-tuned moral compass. This is just the beginning, but Joe hopes Champion Media can make itself known for doing just that.

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