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It all began on a brisk autumn day within the warm confines of a Nordic coffee house. On this day, an idea was conceived that would define the course of the coming months for this company's founder, and will hopefully do so for a long time to come. The idea, you ask? To establish a media company that cares deeply about the future of this planet, along with the prosperity of all the amazing people and other things that are placed upon it.

Champion Media, a video production and content creation company, is the result of that initial idea's growth, and consequently here today is a body of text telling you why such a venture is important. See, Champion Media's heart is sustainability and its soul is people. These two things go together in quite a unique way, because this planet is our everything, but we are the ones who need to change if we want future generations to thrive like we do currently.

For more explicit details about this company, head over to the About page. For more values, please read on.


Champion Media has a voice in the back of its collective head constantly asking how things can be improved. Slightly alarming, yes, but a good thing to be asking yourself. The old way isn't always the best way, and this company works with an open mind for that reason. Champion Media is currently working to improve the sustainability of the video production process, with a goal of reducing or eliminating its various detrimental effects on the planet. This is not a simple decision that's been made or a process that's being implemented, but the very foundation on which the company is being built and a core value of a business that wants to be able to keep up with a fast-moving world.


Being a media company with the skills, resources and abilities required to create premium content presents unique opportunities from a philanthropy perspective. Champion Media can see countless community orgs and non-profits out there doing great work for New Zealanders, each of them an example of true Kiwi passion and ingenuity. Initiatives like these deserve recognition for what they're doing, so CM strives to help these groups out as much as it can, the goal being to project their stories to a wider audience and help drive support for their cause. In particular, tackling sustainability related issues and working to upgrade people's lives are causes that this company would be thrilled to support.


Humans are a very diverse species. In New Zealand alone, we've got everything from hardy cattle farmers and kapa haka performers to well dressed people in buildings answering phone calls and fearless drag queens strutting their stuff on Karangahape Road. All of these play an important part in the make-up of our society. CM believes our differences are a beautiful thing that should be celebrated, because it'd be a boring world if we were all the same. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you do you. Champion Media will never judge.

If nothing else, this company wants to be known as a company that treats people the way they deserve to be treated. Equal respect regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity, belief or sexual orientation.

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There's not many things worse in the business world than a person in a tall air-conditioned box that tells lies in order to con people out of their money, or a company that doesn't take ownership of the things they could and should be doing better. Short sightedness, carelessness and greed are things this company would like to steer clear of, thanks very much.


Transparency and honesty are values that are taken very seriously round here, because they ensure a company is kept accountable to its promises. This company will never lie to you or anybody in order to make a quick penny, that's a promise. That's not to say this is a perfect company, nobody's perfect, but CM is prepared to take every opportunity it can to become even more awesome, because that's better for everyone.

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